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a scene from a rehabilitation camp , Tsunami 


India is prone to natural disasters because of its peculiar geo-climatic conditions. Floods, landslides, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes are recurring phenomena. Dalits are invariably the most vulnerable   section during any natural disaster and least likely to be able t o access to aid when it become available.
 Any disaster affects all sections of people across religions or castes. But the relief and rehabilitation programs during any major disaster in India are beset with the evils of caste-based discrimination. The authority and agencies involved in relief and rehabilitation program fail to provide relief with neutrality and impartially. 
The Gujarat Earth Quake in 2001 brought to the fore how caste based discrimination in relief and rehabilitation programs works. Against this experience NCDHR and other Dalit rights’ organizations started to monitor closely relief and rehabilitation programs during the wake of disasters.


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